One of my favourite products in our catalogue is inexpensive, and adds interest to any project — it’s our Stampin’ Spritzer!

To use the Spritzer, simply choose your favourite Stampin’ Up! Classic Ink Refill and add a few drops to some rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). The alcohol will help your ink dry faster than if you use water. You can get different intensities of the colour based on how much Ink Refill to alcohol ratio.

The real beauty of the spritzer is that it gives you a unique look each time. Before your spray — check your aim. Spraying up close verses further away will give you different looks. Pushing on the nozzle quickly verses slowly will also give you different looks.

Experiment until you find which methods you prefer the most. You can really play around to get unique effects. Be sure to include a pack of Stampin’ Spritzers in your next order — and have a happy time spritzing.

Here’s a youtube video on how to use it;

Let me know what you think

Take care & happy stamping

Anna x